written by Carol Crincoli, Pure Pilates Director

Autumn in New Jersey is the perfect time to head outside for a hike and a great way to add variety to your aerobic workouts. Getting our heart rate up can increase our energy, improve our sleep and aid in weight loss if that is your goal. Strengthening the heart is vital to health, but increasing muscle mass, improving flexibility and quieting our brains need to be considered when creating a well-balanced movement routine for life.

Let’s start with resistance training.  It’s easier than ever to get stronger and build lean muscle mass.  Resistance training (strength training) simply means overloading your muscles to increase your lean muscle mass and build strength.  Using your own bodyweight, dumbbells and resistance bands/tubing are all great options for this. You can improve your balance, avoid injuries and manage your weight by adding this to your routine 2 to 3 times per week.

Stretching and flexibility training is often missing from our workouts or the first thing to skip when we “just don’t have enough time”. Stretching is the perfect compliment to our aerobic and strength routines.  Stretching will improve all other physical activities as well as decrease stiffness, improve your posture and manage stress.

Quiet down the “noise” with meditation comes with actual health benefits. Studies have shown that a regular meditation practice helps decrease chronic pain and lower blood pressure. Taking the time to clear your brain promotes emotional health, controls anxiety and reduces stress. You can meditate anywhere, no fancy equipment needed and there are so many styles with different strengths and benefits to choose from.  Meditation can improve the quality of life and that will be reflected in whatever workout you participate in.

Each week, Pure Pilates offers a free Featured OnDemand workout to the community. This month, we focus on offering a well-balanced movement sampler.  Today and all weekend long, no equipment is needed to strengthen your abdominals and glutes in this 30-minute class.

The week of November 15, focus on your flexibility with our Stretch and Release class.  You will need a stretch strap or just a towel as an extender to stretch your body.

And just in time for Thanksgiving, the Gratitude Meditation starts on Monday, November 22nd and is available until Sunday the 28th at noon. This 15-minute meditation is an ideal way to reset or introduce yourself to the practice of the art of quieting the brain.

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All these classes are part of our larger virtual library, offering over 100 workouts with the teachers of Pure Pilates.