These standing, 3 or 4 person virtual sessions offer a personalized workout in a communal environment.

Ensembles allow the instructor to create a program tailored to the individual needs of each client with the energy of a group setting. The studio can help match you with an ensemble group.

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***Special Note: Due to COVID, Ensembles are only being held virtually. Thank you for understanding. ***

Ensemble Membership Packages

For members who want to experience personalized attention in a small group at an optimal rate with a smaller outlay

Members with weekly, standing appointments receive our best pricing with a Private 4-pack or 8-pack option.  These packages will automatically renew after your 4th or 8th session or after 49 days. Members enjoy a 12 hour appt. cancellation window with no penalty and membership rates on all Pure Pilates services.

Member Ensemble 4 pack (for the client who commits to a standing ensemble appointment 1x per week)

$180.00/$45.00 per session/per person

Member Ensemble 8 pack (for the client who commits to a standing ensemble appointment 2x or more times per week)

$360.00/$45.00 per session/per person

Ensemble Non-Member Drop-In Session

For the student who prefers to purchase sessions as they go.

Expires in 30 days. Appointments subject to availability of instructor based on student commitment.

$50.00 per session/per person

Cancellation Policy

(Must be confirmed in advance with instructor.)
If all but one of the 4 people cannot make the standing ensemble appointment, the remaining person has 2 options.
1. Agree to a 30-minute private at no extra cost.
2. Pay an additional upcharge to get a full 55-minute private session.