Each week, we will highlight one of the virtual classes from our Ondemand Library, featuring a variety of workouts.  Each recorded class will be available for a full week starting on Monday at 6am to Sunday 12pm.

Don’t panic if you don’t see the scheduled recording! Recorded virtual classes will go live at the scheduled date and time.  Recording will be located at the bottom of this page.

    • Monday, August 23 – Full Body Workout with Alison (30 minutes)
    • Monday, September 6 – Pilates Reformer without the Machine: Standing with Carol (30 minutes)
    • Monday, September 13 – Power Flow Mat with Laura K (30 minutes)
    • Monday, September 20 – Neck and Chest Stretch with Kathy (30 minutes)
    • Monday, September 27 – Exploring Neutral Spine on the Mat with Laura H (30 minutes)
    • Monday, October 4 – Standing Foam Roller on the Wall with Katie (30 minutes)
    • Monday, October 11 – Upper Body Strength and Balance with Carol (30 minutes)
    • Monday, October 18 – Working Your Back Line with Tiffany (30 minutes)
    • Monday, October 25 – Pilates Small Ball Workout with Rebecca (30 minutes)
    • Monday, November 1 – Reinventing Tower with the Magic Circle with Marcellina (30 minutes)
    • Monday, November 8 – Abs and Glute Burn with Alison(30 minutes)
    • Monday, November 15 – Stretch and Release with Laura H (30 minutes)
    • Monday, November 22 – Gratitude Meditation with Rebecca (15 minutes)

    If this is your first community class with us, sign the online waiver using the link below and register for as many classes as you would like.

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    This workout will focus on working your posterior chain, the back of your body. This is especially great if you are sitting all day as the exercises will work to lengthen and strengthen your back as well as wake up the glutes and hamstrings.