133 Gales Drive

New Providence, NJ 07974

(908) 286-1100

133 Gales Drive

New Providence, NJ 07974

(908) 286-1100


Whether you are looking for an ensemble (3 people), partner (2 people), or private sessions, we will create a program that fits your needs. With any program type, you'll receive personalized attention.

Each session will challenge your body with the exercises of Joseph Pilates and his basic principles. The Movement Principles are vital to the successful performance of all Pilates exercises.

Initial Private Consultation

This specially-priced consultation is the ideal way to experience our studio while we learn about you

A personalized, one-on-one introduction to our studio, this required private session is a 55-minute comprehensive consultation and workout. The time allow us to understand your body needs, wellness goals, and schedule. You’ll learn about our Pilates philosophy, experience the intimate studio environment, and find out about the services and programming we offer.


Introductory Private 3-Pack 

After your initial consultation, get ready for your new Pilates program.

This introductory pack includes 3 private Pilates sessions at a discounted rate and serves as the next step in your Pilates program.

With the exception of seasoned movers, all new students are expected to complete this series. (If you decide not to continue your practice here, there’s no long-term commitment.)

Those who prefer private sessions will benefit from a lower cost. For those moving on to ensemble or partner programs, the primer will provide all the tools needed to begin working out with other students.

Throughout this series, your instructor will be able to further refine your personal plan. 

(Expires in 30 days of purchase.)

$240.00/$80.00 per session 

Flash 15 Sessions

Quickie virtual appointments allow you to focus on a specific goal.
Flash 15 virtual private sessions can be the perfect amount of time to get some quality Pilates work done.  While a 15 minute Pilates session may not be ideal as an in-studio service, it is the perfect way to supplement your virtual workouts. If you are new to Pilates, the Flash 15 can introduce you to the fundamentals of the method or target a specific muscle group. If you are an experienced mover, focus on a specific Pilates exercise or personal goal.
Have 15 minutes? Give it a try.
(Expires in 30 days of purchase)
$25.00 – Single Session
$90.00 – 4 Session Pack