Whether you are looking for an in-studio partner (2 people) or private session or a virtual ensemble (3-4 people) workout, we will create a program that fits your needs. With any program type, you’ll receive personalized attention.

Each session will challenge your body with the exercises of Joseph Pilates and his basic principles. The Movement Principles are vital to the successful performance of all Pilates exercises.

Initial Private Consultation

This specially-priced virtual consultation is the ideal way to experience Pilates while we learn about you

A personalized, one-on-one introduction to the Pilates Method, this private session is a 55-minute comprehensive consultation and workout. The time allows us to understand your body needs, wellness goals, and schedule. Experience Pilates in our intimate studio or virtually in the comfort of your home. You’ll learn about our Pilates philosophy, and find out about the services and programming we offer. Save 35% on your first session and pay only $75.00 to get started.