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Five Ways to Create Habits That You Won’t Want to Ditch by February w/ Elizabeth Girouard

written by Elizabeth of Pure Simple Wellness

Hi! Elizabeth here from @PureSimpleWellness.

How are your new year’s resolutions going? If started the new year with big plans, trying to over haul everything at once, you might already be fed up. Here are a few strategies to step back and create healthy habits that you won’t want to ditch by February!

Find your WHY! 

Let’s face it, change is hard and often uncomfortable. To keep focused on your goals, determine your why – and make it bigger than your excuses. For example, if your goal is to lower your cholesterol, focus on the health benefits (or risks) associated with this to keep you on track.  

Take baby steps

Getting into good health is essential, but you can’t just jump from one extreme to another. Take a look at the healthy habits you want to incorporate. Perhaps it’s eliminating sodas, eating more veggies and whole foods and regular exercise. Then, prioritize your goals and start with one goal, breaking it into small changes each week. For example, replace one soda each day with sparkling water, until you have replaced all soda with water, green tea or another healthy beverage. 

Find a friend

Talk about your goals with your friends and family members. Find someone else who needs support and accountability and pair up. It’s so much more fun to get healthy together! 

Celebrate each small win

Break down each large goal into small, manageable steps. Each time you achieve the small goal – CELEBRATE! This helps you feel motivated to keep persisting even when the going gets tough.

Track your progress

Keep track of each small win. When you’re having a difficult day, flip through your diary. Seeing all of the changes you’ve made will keep you inspired. For example, if your goal is weight loss, look at your starting weight. Losing just 3-5 pounds will make you see you CAN do it and keep you moving toward that final goal. 

And finally, Be Kind to Yourself When You Slip Up

No one is perfect. If you veer off track, acknowledge where you are and move on. Dust yourself off and make the next decision the best one for you. The sooner you start back with your healthy habit, the less it will impact your overall goals.

Need a jumpstart?

If you need a simple way to jumpstart your healthy habits, why not try the proven Effortless 3-Day Reset Program. Over 300 people completed the program during 2021 and had great benefits. Listen at the end of the webpage to testimonials from happy clients!

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