133 Gales Drive

New Providence, NJ 07974

(908) 286-1100

133 Gales Drive

New Providence, NJ 07974

(908) 286-1100



Each week, we will highlight different levels of 15 minute virtual classes, with all of our Pure Pilates instructors who are teaching a variety of workouts. We hope you give them a try and find them valuable to your health and wellness during these uncertain times.  If this is your first community class with us, sign the online waiver using the link below and register for as many classes as you would like.

Upper Body Towel Toning with Laura K on Monday, October 5th at 12:30pm

Strengthen and tone your back, arms and abs with just you and a bath towel. 

Fun with the Physio Ball with Marcellina on Wednesday, October 7th at 5:30pm

Join Marcellina for a fun, intermediate mat/physio ball class that will remind you to accept the instabilities in your body.  NOTE – Participants must have a physio ball. 

Yin Yoga Stretches for the Lower Back with Rebecca on Friday, October 9th at 10:15am

Back pain and tension can often be closely related. Yin yoga will help to release deep tension with slow held poses, softening the muscles and gaining access to deeper connective tissue within and around the muscles. NOTE – You will need a foam roller or firm standard bed pillow.


Standing Abs with Tiffany on Tuesday, October 13th at 5:30pm

A different way to work your core and sneak in a little leg work as well.  Think variations on the 100, criss-cross and around the world.  You can use a light weight or water bottle for extra work but not required.


Tech Neck Stretch with Kathy on Thursday, October 15th at 1:30pm

The antidote to that head/ upper back position we find ourselves in all day while looking at computers and cell phones. Stretch and strengthen neck and upper back muscles. NOTE – Theraband required.


Lengthen Your Spine with Julie on Saturday, October 17th at 9:15am

Good for those who sit hunched over a laptop all day.  Bring a yoga block and a theraband (optional) to hold poses and do stretches creating space between vertebra and mobility in joints.  Props are not required but a tissue box/book or a belt/sweatshirt can be substituted for the yoga block/theraband.  Pillows/rolled towers always welcome for those wanting a little extra support on knees/seated.


Magic with the Magic Circle with Laura K on Monday, October 19th at 10:00am

Wake up your whole body with just 15 minutes and the Magic Circle!


Standing Stretches with Laura H on Wednesday, October 21st at 12:45pm

This class is a series of stretches and strength movements to generate circulation and mobility. The sequence of exercises is a nice antidote to sitting for an extended period of time. A chair is needed for some of the movements. 


Hips Up! with Carol on Thursday, October 22nd at 5:30pm

Focus on your abdominals, back and hips, all while lying on your back.  This workout requires a foam roller and all exercises are performed in an inverted position. These inversion exercises will position the student on the foam roller supporting the lower back, with the head position lower than the heart and hips.  NOTE – Inversion exercises are not recommended for any one who is pregnant or has high blood pressure, glaucoma, heart disease, inner ear problems.  This class is an excellent way to focus on your core, while keeping your spine in a neutral position. Ideal for students who have any spinal issues where flexion or extension should be avoided, including stenosis, herniations of the spine and osteoporosis.

Standing Legs with Katie on Tuesday, October 27th at 7:30am

A standing lower body workout before many of us are sitting for the day. Please have a chair handy or position yourself by a wall if you need a little extra help for balancing. 


Happy Feet with Kathy on Wednesday, October 28th at 5:30pm

This standing workout is the perfect combination of strengthening, massage and stretch for your feet.  NOTE – Please have a small massage ball handy. (A tennis ball, pinkie ball or even a large lemon or small orange can do the trick)


Mindful Meditation with Rebecca on Friday, October 30th at 12:15pm

A guided meditation using various techniques to enhance mindfulness, relaxation, healing and inner peace. Perfect reset to your day.