Thanks to @Puresimplewellness for sharing this 5 day free program with us.
She has created a free program to address our struggles around food while sheltering in place, more specifically the fact that we are:
Eating more often
Eating more food
Making less healthy choices
Food is a comfort and is sometimes used to soothe our feelings of anxiety, boredom, stress or solace.
We are struggling at the moment and it makes sense that we turn to food for comfort. Once bad habits creep in it can seem daunting to start making healthy choices.
Don’t let food control you. Take simple steps to gain control and experience tried and true strategies for success. Don’t wait until the quarantine is over to start making small changes for long-term health
Regain control of your eating habits with this SIMPLE 5 day program. Food impacts your energy, mood, hormones, immune system and brain function. Make small changes to take back control and feel energized.

This challenge is FREE and SIMPLE!  You will only need to take ONE small action each day starting Monday, April 27th — You’ll receive support and guidance every step of the way from Pure Simple Wellness!