written by Elizabeth of Pure Simple Wellness

Do you tend to overcomplicate things?

If I had to answer that for myself – it would be a resounding “YES!” Hi, Elizabeth of Pure Simple Wellness here, ex-diet coke addict turned health coach! The journey to wellness wasn’t always easy….

When I was started changing my diet away from the Standard American Diet (SAD) I quickly became overwhelmed and frustrated. My doctor told me to follow a very restrictive diet, with no support. It was horrible. I failed miserably and thought I would never make any lasting changes. It was so hard and so unmanageable, particularly as a mom of 3 kids under the age of 2! Initially I thought to myself: This is impossible – I can’t do it alone!

After a few weeks, I stopped beating myself up and decided, maybe I can do this, but maybe I need to take a different approach. I took a step back and reevaluated what was possible and achievable for me – which was to break down the process into smaller, manageable chunks. And, I found support along the way. When you have support you are 65% more likely to achieve your goals.

Baby steps will get you to your goals, in a slow and steady, sustainable way. Once I made simple manageable changes, issues that I had had for years started going away. I always had skin rashes. I always had an upset stomach. I always had intermittent eczema. I used to go into anaphylactic shock from seeds and tree nuts. I had all kinds of crazy stuff for years and I just thought that was part of who I was. Each small but significant victory motivated me to keep going, keep learning, and keep charging forward.

Sometimes when you overcomplicate things, it keeps you stuck. Instead of feeling overwhelmed and stuck – identify ONE small task that you can start today. Then, once that become habit, add another small change. Before long, you will start seeing sustainable results from these small changes. And each small victory will help you to achieve your goals. That is how I made it to where I am today!

What is one small step you can make today to get closer to your goals? Why not try drinking an extra glass of water or switching out that side of fries for a side of grilled veggies. Remember the WHY behind it all and use that to motivate you. And if you need support or help coming up with your plan – that’s what I live for! I’m here to help you. Click here to schedule your free 20-min so we can come up with a plan together ❤️ The rest of your life begins today!  https://calendly.com/elizabethwellness/freecall