written by Elizabeth Girouard of Pure Simple Wellness

Did you know that the foods you eat might be causing your migraines and headaches?

Hi I’m Elizabeth of Pure Simple Wellness and I’m here to tell you when you get a headache your body is not craving more Advil! Yes, pain relievers have a time and a place; however, as I often remind my kids, it is best to look deeper and uncover the source of the problem instead of just covering it up!

If you get regular headaches, blood sugar spikes could be the culprit.  By regulating your blood sugar levels, you can avoid blood-sugar related headaches and feel better overall.

When we eat foods that are high in sugar (especially simple sugars), our pancreas secretes an important blood sugar-regulating hormone known as insulin. However, if the body is insulin resistant and cannot respond to blood sugar levels appropriately, the pancreas secretes too much insulin.

This can leave you feeling exhausted, so the body secretes adrenaline to give you a bit more energy. This can cause changes in your blood flow and blood vessels. When the blood vessels of your brain dilate, they can push against the nerves, causing you to feel pain in the way of a stubborn headache. Thus, by regulating your blood sugar levels, you can also work to limit headaches.

Here are some tips to regulate your blood sugar:
1. Eat protein, healthy fat and fiber at every meal
2. Have a protein-centered breakfast instead of carbohydrates and add some fiber
3. Eliminate added sugars

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Have you found that certain foods give you headaches?