PRIVATE SESSIONS (In-studio and Virtual)

One-on-one private appointments are the most personalized and consultative sessions we offer, with the most scheduling flexibility. Whether a new or experienced mover, privates are ideal for advancing your Pilates practice and perfecting your form in our studio or virtually in your home. Your instructor will customize a program that best fits your body’s needs and aligns with your fitness level. Together, you’ll create personal goals to achieve the results you are looking for.

Initial Private Consultation (Virtual Session)

This specially-priced virtual consultation is the ideal way to experience Pilates while we learn about you

A personalized, one-on-one introduction to the Pilates Method, this private session is a 55-minute comprehensive virtual consultation and workout. The time allows us to understand your body needs, wellness goals, and schedule. You’ll learn about our Pilates philosophy, experience Pilates in the comfort of your home, and find out about the services and programming we offer. To save 35% and pay only $65 when you complete the form below to request your discount code off of your first session.


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Flash 15

Quickie virtual appointments allow you to focus on a specific goal.
Flash 15 virtual private sessions can be the perfect amount of time to get some quality Pilates work done.  While a 15 minute Pilates session may not be ideal as an in-studio service, it is the perfect way to supplement your virtual workouts. If you are new to Pilates, the Flash 15 can introduce you to the fundamentals of the method or target a specific muscle group. If you are an experienced mover, focus on a specific Pilates exercise or personal goal.
Have 15 minutes? Give it a try.
Single Session (Expires in 30 days of purchase)


4 Session Pack (Expires in 49 days of purchase)

$100/25.00 per session

Private sessions membership Packages

Members with weekly, standing appointments receive our best pricing with a Private 4-pack or 8-pack option.  These packages will automatically renew after your 4th or 8th session or after 49 days. Members enjoy a 12 hour appt. cancellation window with no penalty and membership rates on all Pure Pilates services.

Member Private 4 pack (for the client who commits to a standing appointment 1x per week)

$352.00/$88.00 per session

Member Private 8 pack (for the client who commits to a standing appointment 2x or more per week)

$704.00/$88.00 per session

Private Non-member Drop-in Session

For the student who prefers to purchase sessions as they go.

Expires in 30 days. Appointments subject to availability of instructor based on student commitment.

$100.00 per session