I taught my first quickie Flash 15 private session recently and I loved it! It was surprisingly, the perfect amount of time my new client and I needed to get some quality Pilates work done. The specific goal of these workouts? To introduce the basics of Pilates, increase core strength and flexibility to an athlete. While a 15 minute Pilates session may not be ideal as an in-studio service, it is the perfect way to supplement your virtual workouts. If you are new to Pilates and taking advantage of our community classes, you have probably started to notice “wow my left left is weaker than my right” or “what is the 100 and am I doing it correctly?” Flash 15 sessions can address those questions and imbalances. Don’t know what Pilates is? Our Flash 4 pack can be the way to introduce yourself to the basics with a commitment of 60 minutes.

My experience teaching one on one virtual Pilates has been satisfying. Of course, you need to make sure your client’s computer and their placement for the camera offers the best angles so you can do your best cuing and corrections. Through the screen, I had the ability to observe pelvic imbalance in a shoulder bridge exercise, which then took me down a path of assessing hip and glute strength. I found an imbalance, shared my observations and taught my client a corrective exercise. I created effective programming and homework for him to do on his own.

The key to our quickie, Flash 15 privates is all about quality, not quantity. Joseph Pilates said, “Concentrate on the correct movement each time you exercise, lest you do them improperly and thus lose all vital benefits.” Sure, I can lead an experienced Pilates student or advance mover through a good portion of the mat exercises and that can be a fun, satisfying 15 minute workout. I believe a solid Pilates practice is about progress, not perfection. And progress can happen in 15 minute segments!

Today, many of us won’t go back to our “indoor” activities for awhile and even if we venture safely outside our homes, there are some who won’t give themselves quality time to focus on personal well being.  My focus as a teacher is about improving health and wellness and I try to impart that through the joy of movement. Pilates makes my students strong and confident during the workout and in their daily lives. Knowing that I can do my “job” virtually and teach a quality movement experience, 15 minutes at a time, is reason to smile.