written by Elizabeth Girouard of Pure Simple Wellness

Do you ever find yourself looking into the pantry or fridge, searching for something to eat – even though you just finished eating 20 minutes ago?

Hi I’m Elizabeth Girouard, Emotional Eating Health Coach over @puresimplewellness and today we’ll be diving into emotional eating!  Decoding emotional eating will give you the power to make informed and healthy choices for yourself. Don’t let food have power over you or hold you back. It’s okay to make mistakes, show yourself love & forgiveness, and keep moving forward!

The first step to decode emotional eating may seem easy, but can be so beneficial.  Take two seconds to ask yourself, “AM I HUNGRY?” when you are heading to the pantry for a snack

Sounds simple enough, but often when emotional eating you are not actually physically hungry.  I challenge you the next time you head to the fridge between meals to think about this question in terms of the hunger scale.  The hunger scale ranges from 1: “I’m ravenous and so hungry I could eat a horse” to 10: “I’m so full I can’t fit another bite in my mouth if I wanted to.” Most people feel comfortable eating when are somewhere between 3: “my stomach feels empty and I’m ready to eat” and 6: “I’m full to the point of satisfaction.” Figuring out if you are actually physically hungry is the first step to gaining control over your emotional eating.

This question alone may be just enough to help you rethink your choices. Through practice and repetition, you will change your relationship with food.

If you are struggling with emotional eating, understanding what to eat and when, or are stuck in your health journey, I would love to offer you a FREE 20-min End Emotional Eating call with me where we can discuss your personal health goals!  Send me an email at Elizabeth@puresimplewellness.com to set up your call today!