written by Carol Crincoli, Pure Pilates Director

Thanksgiving is over and Pure Pilates has a gift for you.  I’ve chosen 6 workouts from our OnDemand Library, featuring one class from each of our teachers. It’s 90 minutes of movement until January 2, 2022. It’s not only a gift to the community, but a thank you for the generosity and support you offered us in 2021.

I decided that each workout should be short and sweet.  Our library includes classes as short as 15 to as long as 60 minutes.  Your time is valuable, but I am hoping you can squeeze in short bouts of movement during the holiday rush. I’ve opted for 15-minute classes for you to enjoy.

Variety in movement is truly the spice of life.  I want to feed your soul with different types of classes, styles and levels. Choose to breathe, stretch, sweat, release or all of the above. Every day is different and I believe our bodies will tell you what it needs. We just need to listen.

The shorter classes also offer an opportunity to layer a few workouts together to curate a unique 30, 45 or 60-minute workout. Here are my suggestions for what you might need to “train” for the holidays.

Is it Yoga? Is it Pilates? The 30 minute Chill Workout

Layer these 2 classes to start or end your day!

  • Chair Yoga with Laura H – I just love this class and how my body feels after! The seated stretches are based on yoga poses, but if you are familiar with Pilates you will enjoy what I think feels like “Mermaid” on the Chair. A great way to stretch, all while seated in a chair.
  • Yin Yoga with Rebecca – After the Chair Yoga class, I say grab a pillow (or foam roller) and hit the floor to release tension with slowly held poses. 

Sore back? Stiff Neck? The 30-minute I Must Step Away from On-line Shopping Workout

Get on your feet and layer these workouts that focus on standing exercises and strengthening your back!

  • Strong Legs with Katie – This workout is all about the legs, hips and butt and the resistance comes from performing all the exercises in a standing position. Focus on some balance work as well, but grab a chair for extra assistance.
  • Build to Swan with Kathy – Now that you have your lower body alive and awake, focus on opening your chest and strengthening the back line of your body.  Swan is a Pilates exercise that highlights the back muscles as well as the butt and back of the legs.  This workout is great for anyone sitting at a computer or in front of their phone.

Got an hour? The 45-minute Total Body Workout

Hit every muscle group and then stretch!

  • Head to Toe with Carol – You’ll feel every muscle in 15 minutes. First you’ll focus on your lower body in a standing position, then hit the floor to work on your abdominals and then end with pushups for the upper body.
  • On All 4’s with Tiffany – You’re already down on the mat, so continue with a quadruped (hands and knees) workout that highlights all the same muscles that you just worked with Carol, but in such a different way.  
  • Chair Yoga with Laura – Compliment your total body muscle work with a full body stretch, all in a chair. Now that’s the icing on the workout cake!

Access the gift of movement all month long!