written by Laura Kerwick, Pure Pilates Instructor

What’s your story?

My story… I grew up in Medford, NJ.  Went to college at Hofstra University and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing. Graduated and worked as a Fashion Rep for a number of different lines in the Northeast.  Went on to take my Viticulture and Vinification course and become a Sommelier.  Worked as a wine distributor for 5 years until becoming pregnant with Brody, now 8.  When  I was 6 months pregnant I left that industry to become a full time Mom.  I always knew my next step was to get certified in Pilates.  After my second son, Nolan, was about 2 years old and Carol mentioned that she would be teaching a certification course,  I knew that was my next step.  I looked up to Carol as an instructor and knew there was no one else I wanted to learn from.

What makes you smile when you get up in the morning?

When I wake up in the morning my children are the first thing that make me smile…  They are also the first thing that I curse because they wake me up way too early!  I love to sleep with my window cracked whatever time of year because the fresh breeze and smell of the outdoors brings me joy.

Last book you read?

Recently I read the book Untamed by Glennon Doyle.  It was so inspiring and empowering.   It is a story about empowering people.  Women, Moms, children, humans…  and pointing out societal judgements and predispositions about many issues in life that are just that.  It’s a book I recommend to everyone.  

Famous person you want to sit next to at a dinner party?

Famous person I want to sit next to at a dinner party is  Morgan Freeman, and I was lucky enough to meet him ten years ago or so at a wrap party for a movie my husband worked on with him.  I sat down next to him and he was the most humble, incredible man.  I shyly told him how I hated going to meet people that my husband worked with because they were all just people, and it felt odd.  But that I had to tell him how much I respected his work and how incredible he was….  He simply looked at my husband and said “Thank YOU for bringing her”.    So grateful to have met him, as other celebrities I have met have been very disappointing!

Favorite type of food or meal?

My favorite food is pizza.. and Doritos but I maybe only let myself indulge in those once a year! 

Rapid Fire:

Morning or night person? PRE KIDS: NIGHT….SINCE KIDS: MORNING

Left Handed or Right Handed? RIGHT

Extrovert or Introvert? EXTROVERT

Coffee or Tea? COFFEE

Bath or Shower? SHOWER. I try to take a bath and get too overheated!


Beach or Mountains? BEACH ALL DAY

Texting or Phone Calls? LOVE TEXTS but phone calls are super important

Dogs or Cats? DOGS AND CATS

Mac or PC? MAC

Favorite Pilates apparatus or Pilates exercise? My favorite is the Reformer. I love so many of the exercises but Short Spine is the first thing that pops into my head.  I love how the exercise not only opens my spine but immediately connects my core, my legs… it draws everything in together. It’s such a cohesive exercise.

Have to end with a true belief that we create our own reality, hence my tattoo.  Life throws things at us we never saw coming.  Only we can determine how to respond to those things.  Always be positive and see the best in things 🙂