written by Rebecca Noerr, Pure Pilates Instructor

Rebecca brings a wide variety of talents to the studio.  Not only is she a Pilates teacher, but also a spin instructor with an extensive background in wellness and fitness.  Her meditation recordings are a favorite with the Pure Pilates community. In Up Close and Personal, Rebecca shares some interesting non-fitness facts about herself!

What makes you smile when you get up in the morning? My Dogs (2 mixed breed rescues, 10 & 3 years old). Trying to wake me up, pacing the room & licking my feet!

Famous person you want to sit next to at a dinner party? Dave Matthews, he is one of my favorite artists and I can’t live without music (it’s on in my house all the time) I heard he was cool and would love to have a beer with him – my husband of course would be there too but only because he is a fan too 🙂

Last book you read? Right now I am reading “The Woman in the Window” by A.J. Finn. I can’t put it down!

First thing you do when you wake up? Coffee, please!

Your guilty pleasure? Drinking a Rootbeer Float on a hot day while floating around on my in-laws boat on Schroon Lake while my husband fishes.

Rapid Fire:

Morning or night person? MORNING, BUT NOT SUPER EARLY

Tidy or Messy? TIDY

Coffee or Tea? COFFEE

Mac or PC? MAC

Apple or Android Phone? APPLE

Bath or Shower? SHOWER

Dogs or Cats? BOTH

Sweet or Savory? BOTH

Beach or Mountains? BEACH

Summer or Winter? SUMMER

Favorite Pilates apparatus or Pilates exercise? I love the Reformer, especially for stretching. Mermaid and Eve’s Lunge stretch me in all the right places. But Mermaid on the mat is a close second!