written by Rebecca Noerr, Pure Pilates Instructor

Yin yoga is slower, more meditative movement practice, compared to yang yoga which is vigorous and fast paced.  Yin yoga focuses on your fascia, ligaments, joints, and bones. It’s a lovely way to give yourself time to turn inward and focus on both your mind and physical sensations in your body.

Besides reducing stress, yin yoga has many health benefits, including increased flexibility and a boost in your blood flow and circulation.

Pure Pilates teacher, Rebecca Noerr brings a wide variety of talents to her students.  Not only is she an expert in the Pilates method, but also a spin instructor with an extensive background in wellness and fitness.  Her meditations offered from our virtual library are a favorite with the Pure Pilates community. She recently recorded a 15 minute Yin Yoga class that we are sharing so you can experience this restorative workout for yourself.

Watch the full class here.