We believe your Pilates practice can inspire a life of connection and have created our studio to be a sanctuary for mindful movement.

Exercise should be something you look forward to, and Pilates can bring you joy. Our in-studio experience is meant to enhance your quality of life outside the studio.

Students of our boutique studio enjoy personalized attention whether in private, partner or ensemble sessions. 

Teachers continuing their education not only enhance their skills but also renew their passions.


About The Pilates Method Alliance (PMA)

National Pilates Certification Program

The purpose of the NPCP is to establish, maintain and promote professional standards, and to award the title of Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher (NCPT) to the comprehensively educated Pilates teacher who has provided evidence that they meet these established professional standards.

For the public, employers, government agencies, and other professionals in allied fields, the NCPT credential provides assurance that the Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher is competent in the provision of services.

Third party certification is one of the main pillars of an established profession, and professionals that choose to obtain the NCPT credential can boast their participation in the development of the industry on behalf of its constituents and its founders.

The development of a quality credentialing program must follow logically sound and legally defensible procedures for developing its examinations. These procedures were adhered to in the development of the examination for the NPCP.

To develop a content‐valid examination, the knowledge and skills necessary for competent practice in the profession must be determined. The process for identifying these competency areas is a Role Delineation Study, or Job Analysis which serves as a blueprint for examination development. The primary reason for conducting a Role Delineation Study is to ensure that an examination is content‐valid. Content validity is the most commonly applied and accepted validation strategy used in establishing certification programs.

Thus, the Role Delineation Study is an integral part of ensuring that the aspects of the profession covered on the examination reflect the tasks performed in practice settings.