Inspiring Life from the Core

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Inspiring Life from the Core

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The Studio

The Story of Pure Pilates

The studio’s journey is one that parallels life as we’ve all experienced it. 

We had dreams or goals as young people – what college we wanted to attend or what career we wanted to build. Our futures were imagined with starry-eyed faces and lofty aspirations that only we could imagine for ourselves. 

As we set out on those journeys, we found that life sometimes had plans that were better – or different – than our passion goals. Like you, we encountered speed bumps that led to beautiful vistas or winding paths that were more of a challenge than we expected.  

The resilient accept such challenges much as an avid cyclist or hiker might encounter and look for a way around, over, or through to reach their goals.

Some determine the goals must be altered, either temporarily or permanently. But we keep hold of those starry-eyed dreams and keep moving towards the job, the school, the connections, the spouse, the family, the dream that keeps that fire within us burning.

Then one day you pause and look around. Something caught your attention, spoke to you in words you hadn’t really heard or understood before.

It’s been 10 years, 20, 30, or even 50 years since you set out on that journey to your goals. You admire the ones you accomplished. You nod with understanding at the ones that turned out differently than you expected. And you accept all the pieces of the journey you’ve been on in order to look forward and want something different for yourself.

    • A healthy body that is ready for your daily activities and any unexpected challenges that happen.
    • A commitment to take care of yourself to bring back the joy of movement, a desire to explore and take on new challenges.
    • A renewal of spirit that says, “I’m okay with what has been, and I’m thrilled to explore what’s next!”

Such is the story of Carol Crincoli, the founder and owner of this amazing, inspiring, welcoming studio we call Pure Pilates.

Carol embraced her love of music, singing, and expression through movement by earning her BFA in Musical Theater from the Boston Conservatory of Music. Her passion and focus was to become a Broadway star.

She wanted to stay fit and active while waiting for auditions so instead of a clichéd job as a waitress, she began teaching aerobics. It nurtured her love of music and movement and helped her stay flexible with her body and mind.

Carol didn’t know it yet, but she had actually launched a new path to her future.

She stayed in the fitness field, moving into corporate fitness, speaking at industry events about how a focused movement practice inspires and improves our daily movement abilities. Carol continued her training, and received numerous certifications as she worked as a personal trainer and group fitness teacher before discovering Pilates.

Once she was mat certified in Pilates, she knew she wanted more training and certification. She also believed deeply that providing excellent instruction to her clients and students, combined with her creative movement style influenced by her musical theater background, was foundational to her next steps in her journey – opening her own Pilates studio.

In addition to providing quality instruction to students, Carol knows that exceptional customer service is vital.

She envisions every aspect of a client’s journey from the moment they walk into her studio. What are the sensory aspects – the chimes on the door, the delicate clean smell of the room, the comfortable chairs to relax before or after a session, the calm and open feel of the studio, down to the carefully selected mints on the table next to the People magazine for browsing.

Why does all this matter to Carol?

Because life is an experience to be enjoyed every moment possible.

Because every person who enters her Pilates studio is seeking something for themselves they need and deserve. Maybe it’s a break from their busy schedule. Maybe it’s strengthening and recovery to face the next steps in their life journey.

Carol Crincoli embraces and inspires life from the core. Her staff are carefully chosen to do the same for themselves and the clients they work with. And her studio enables every person who enters to feel and believe that, too.

Meet The Team

Carol Crincoli

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Katie Huddleston

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Tiffany Mortimer

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Kathy Celardo

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The Pink Ribbon Program is a 6-week series of exercise sessions, featuring tailored movements designed to meet the needs and challenges of breast cancer survivors. The Program’s overall goal is to enhance recovery and improve quality of life. Pure Pilates offers this program free of charge to all breast cancer patients and survivors.

Exercise is an important part of breast cancer treatment and recovery. The Pink Ribbon Program helps stretch and strengthen shoulder, chest and back muscles, improving range of motion and increasing strength to the areas most affected by breast cancer surgery, treatment and reconstruction.

Katie is a passionate mover who was brought to Pilates through dance. After a professional dance career, Katie discovered her love of teaching-connecting the mind and body, and working with students of all ages and levels. Her appreciation and understanding of everyone’s ever changing body and needs only became greater as her own body went through pre and post natal stages, an experience which has helped Katie navigate problem solving, and bring a freshness to each session making them feel personal and specific to each body’s needs. Her sessions are full of flow and aim to challenge clients with a sense of comfort, and often a little humor, all of which she has brought to Pure Pilates since 2016. Katie thinks the gift of movement and self care is one of the best things one can do for overall wellness, and is thrilled to seek and fulfill milestones and goals with each of her clients. When she’s not at the studio, Katie is taking care of her three little humans- another job that also makes her smile, laugh, and challenges her on the daily.
Eighteen years ago I discovered my love for Pilates. After having my two children, I felt the need to move my body again. At the time I was living in North Carolina, and worked through many different exercise and training programs. I discovered Pilates, and instantly knew it was right for me. Forteen years later, and a move to New Jersey, I decided to share my love of Pilates with other people looking for some way to move their bodies. Pilates has also been a way for me to keep me strong and flexible to continue many activities. My family loves to be active, and I often find when we are all together (mostly vacations) our days consist of activity and movement such as hiking, kayaking, or skiing(more on this later). As I have gotten older I find it even more imperative now that I keep my body strong. Recently I was in a skiing accident that left me with many knee injuries and ultimately having to go into surgery. I found being able to do light Pilates a few weeks after surgery kept me sane and ultimately helped with recovery time. Pilates has not only helped me be able to keep up with my children, but has also provided me with a body that is able to function at peak performance. My approach to Pilates can be described in one, simple word: movement. Movement can help you, both physically and mentally. Movement, and Pilates, is ultimately about self care. Having a built in time to focus on your body and movement can help relieve yourself of feeling tired, anxious, and stressed. Movement awakens you. Even after one session you can leave feeling calmer and energized.
Enjoyment of life through movement is a vital part of Kathy’s philosophy. When not in the studio she leads an active lifestyle trail running, cycling, skiing and hiking. She also loves connecting with people while traveling with family and friends. One of her favorite cycling trips was riding along the coast of northern California. Learning new things and sharing knowledge is also important to Kathy. She has a passion for food, likes to cook for her family and experiment with new recipes. She is currently trying to achieve the perfect pizza. She is also an avid reader of historical fiction and biographies. Her latest endeavor is learning to play golf.
Carol M. Crincoli, owner Pure Pilates studio, has been in the fitness industry since 1990, with experience in corporate and commercial fitness, recreational programming and teaching as an adjunct professor. She began practicing Pilates in 2003 and received Pilates training through the PhysicalMind Institute in New York, NY. She holds certifications from the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) and the American Council on Exercise (ACE) as a group exercise instructor, personal trainer and lifestyle and weight management consultant. She was also accepted into the IDEA-PFT Recognition System as an Elite Level Personal Fitness Trainer. She is the only trainer in the NY-metro area for Trent McEntire’s Arcus equipment. Carol graduated from the Boston Conservatory of Music with a BFA in musical theater and a minor in dance. Opening Pure Pilates is the culmination of a lifetime dream, and her mission to "inspire life from the core" is a holistic approach to health and wellness—from exercise and nutrition, to stress management and self-care. Carol is also the inventor of 8th Avenue Rail, an organizing solution for Tower springs.