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25 Random Facts About Pure Pilates

written by Carol Crincoli, Pure Pilates Director

  1. The first studio location opened in October of 2007.

3. I stand by the belief that an organized space allows for an uncluttered mind. This makes for a positive teacher/client experience.

4. One of my first gifts when I opened in 2007 was a “swear bear.” The stuffed animal still sits in the break room. It can be useful and fun all at the same time. Yes, the bear is a bit raunchy.

5. Teacher Kathy Celardo has been part of the PP Team since we opened in 2007.

6. Kathy was hired as a front desk receptionist and loved Pilates so much she got certified to teach.

7. Our Japanese Fighting fish named Joe lived at the front desk. Bettas are known for their positive energy. He lived quite a long time and when he passed he was replaced with another Betta we named Clara.

8. Before streaming music, the studio played a collection of CD’s. One favorite was by a Brazilian musical artist named Seu Jorge.  The CD was “The Life Aquatic Studio Sessions” (for the soundtrack to the film starring Bill Murray) a collection of David Bowie songs recorded by Jorge in Portuguese. 

9. Our candy bowl was filled with Tootsie Rolls.

10. Pure Pilates Green is Rain Forest Dew by Benjamin Moore with a complementary splash of Jalapeno Pepper.

12. Carol’s husband Rico was her first Pilates student when she was an apprentice, practicing to become a teacher.

13. Rico continues a Pilates practice one time per week.

14. Early on, Kathy and Rico struggled with the exercise, Teaser. They were in a competition to see who would be the first to perform a successful Teaser. I cannot remember who won.

15. Piloxing was once part of our small group classes.

16. Adding TRX suspension training to our programming was a wise decision. It’s the perfect complement to a Pilates practice.

18. The 3 deciding factors that sealed the deal to open on River Road: Size, Natural Light and Parking.

19. Virtual Pilates and our clients who Zoomed with us allowed the studio to survive and reopen.

20. Our teachers love coffee. We have a red Nespresso Maker in our new breakroom. The coffee and espresso are so good!

21. The “scent” of the studio is Festa by Alora.

22. I have “Juju Spray” made with Sage oil. I spray the studio if I believe the energy is bad.

24. There is no front desk at our new studio. But we do have a comfortable living room.

25. The workout area is now the Playground. Come play with us!

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