written by Carol Crincoli, Pure Pilates Director

I remember it so vividly, or should I say I can’t forget the taste after I took my first spoonful.  It was September 2016, and Rico and I were celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary, cycling through the south of Spain. One evening, our group gathered for music and dinner in Antequera, Spain and that is where I was introduced to Salmorejo.

It’s similar to a gazpacho in that it is chilled and tomato-based, but Salmorejo is creamy and silky (without the cream) because it has a secret ingredient – bread. I ate this soup every time I found it on a menu. It’s topped with hard-boiled eggs, Jamon Iberico (cured meat), and sometimes tuna. 

It’s a perfect amuse-bouche to start a meal or as a first course, maybe before a paella. Lately, I’ve been enjoying Salmorejo as a meal, usually for a summer lunch. But don’t just make this during the warm months of the year. I’ve grabbed “sad” winter plum tomatoes and the soup still tastes great. Oh, and don’t worry about the bread making this soup thick and heavy. The baguette truly adds a creamy and silky texture without the bloat

I found my go-to recipe on Saveur.com and it always takes me back to the region of Andalusia, Spain. It’s super easy to make, no cooking and minimal ingredients. You do need a blender, but I guess you can carefully puree in a food processor. Serve it with a dry, Spanish wine, one with an Albarino grape. I’ve even paired the dish with a dry sherry or a sparkling Cava.