written by Carol Crincoli, Pure Pilates Director

Spring is in the air or at least that is how it feels like inside our space at 45 River Road. My new home for Pure Pilates is bringing me so much joy and it’s just what my body and soul needed!  Yes, I designed a desirable physical space and I made some smart changes to the business model. I knew the vision I wanted to offer to our community and the intimacy that I wanted between me and my clients. In theory, a beautiful studio and a clear vision should bring success and make me happy, but it’s not a guarantee without the special sauce. 

Fast food aficionados may argue that a Big Mac is really just an oversized burger without their special sauce. I believe that my husband’s sourdough bread is much yummier with a slab of grass-fed butter and that Ginger Rogers made Fred Astaire look pretty good on the dance floor, all while gracefully moving backwards in heels.

Special sauce is the icing on the cake. It should spark joy, make you smile and have you coming back for more. Pure Pilates sauce is good for your health, but you must keep to the exact recipe and use only 3 authentic ingredients: A bunch of our clients, a handful of teachers and a dash of Me! Our special sauce is human connection.


“The business of business is relationships; the business of life is human connection.” -Robin Sharma


I started working for myself in the early 1990s and I learned early on that my success had nothing to do with fitness. It was all about the relationships I could cultivate and nurture. So when I opened Pure Pilates in 2007, I believed that the people I wanted to walk through my doors would not only seek out the best teachers, but expect the best customer service, care and consideration. My personal life and my business are carefully and thoughtfully intertwined so when I read the Robin Sharma quote this year, I had an “ah-ha” moment.

The special sauce of human connection between one another makes the sunny studio even brighter, the laughter between everyone a bit louder and the joy of teaching ever so sweeter. It’s the excitement knowing I have a studio to go to and be unapologetically me.

At Pure Pilates, we never serve our special sauce on the side and I am proud of that!