I hear “Keep Going” as my Peloton instructor motivates me to push a bit harder as I ride.  It’s motivating and most of the time pushes me to be my best. In March, when Pure Pilates closed its doors from Covid-19, as most businesses were forced to do, I moved to virtual teaching. I told myself and my teachers let’s “Keep Going”. Did we really have a choice? Four months later, I know we can keep going, but now I had to ask myself  “where am I going”? What will Pure Pilates look like going forward?

If you look up the word transitional, you will find the synonyms: changing, passing, FLUID, intermediate, UNSETTLED, developmental. We all experience transitional periods throughout our lives and as I reflect back on my journey as a business owner, I realize that my successes and failures are directly related to how I handle change. How I approach a transition has always directly affected the outcome.

Jamie Lee Curtis said “If you stay on the bus, the scenery will change.” I hear these words and I think about my bus ride for the past 14 years as the owner of Pure Pilates. In the past months, I wondered if it was time to jump off the bus or if I should “keep going.” And if I keep my studio open, what does it look like, how will the scenery change?

To understand what changes need to occur, it is helpful to understand what’s working. What should stay the same? For me, the core values of my life and business weave a common thread that holds everything together. It’s the anchor that keeps a person or a business grounded.  What will remain the same at Pure Pilates is the heart and soul that I bring to the studio everyday. It’s the joy and commitment that I have for movement, my teachers and the Pure Pilates community. It’s believing that I have cultivated a business that is centered around quality Pilates and customer care and service. The energy is infectious and it flows through the teachers and clients.

The experience for our in-studio clients will become even more intimate than it was before. It will continue to be a place to reset and focus on yourself. To be your best self. Add in the virtual services, and the landscape expands.  The opportunity to offer private, semi private and group Pilates in our new virtual setting is exciting! The options are endless and it’s time to enjoy a new ride.