written by Carol Crincoli, Pure Pilates Director

I am a girl who gets a bag of lemons and figures out how to make lemonade for everyone! When Pure Pilates was forced to shut down and create a virtual studio, I never imagined that the business would grow and we would be introduced to new clients during this time. For over a decade the studio had a small but loyal New Jersey community and now we have connected to Pilates enthusiasts all around the United States.

If it wasn’t for the pandemic, I would have never met Alice Wang, our very first virtual Pink Ribbon client! Her cousin has been my in-studio client for years and now with my computer I could offer connection, movement and wellness all the way to someone in Texas.

The Pink Ribbon program allows my teachers and I to fill the sometimes missing link in a cancer patient’s care. The surgeons, oncologists, physical therapists and nurses play a very specific role for a patient and as certified PR specialists, we offer total body wellness. With our focus on movement and breath, our goal is to enhance recovery and improve quality of life for each unique client.

Alice kindly shared her Pink Ribbon experience with me and has given me permission to share it to the world.

“I started working with Carol 9 months after my bilateral mastectomy through the Pink Ribbon program. About six months after the surgery, I started experiencing stiffness and pain in my neck and should. I tried all sorts of things on my own: Massage, Rollerball, Yoga, Stretching, but nothing was helping. Carol showed me exercises over zoom that strengthened my back and core muscles and also retrained me on how to move my neck and shoulder so I can do everything without pain. It was also great to work with her virtually since I am in Texas and she is in New Jersey. Being immunocompromised after chemo, it was safer during Covid to have the sessions over zoom. It was easy to have for instruct me in my own home using my own equipment so that I could do the exercises during the week.” Alice Wang

Our program is fully funded from donations. These generous donations allow a participant to work one on one with one of our teachers for 6 to 12 weeks, free of charge.

Learn more about Pink Ribbon here.