written by Carol Crincoli, Pure Pilates Director

I spent a good part of December trying to figure out what I wanted to share in this first newsletter of 2022. My writing process looks something like this: Jot down a thought, quote or recent experience that I think is shareable, put it away for a few days and then pick one and start purging my brain. Some of my topics this month included “Starting a revolution for resolutions”,  “Getting Covid solved my control issues“ and “2021: Goodbye, good luck and good riddance”. Thank you BurgerMeister, Meister Burger for that last witty subject line! 

I must digress by saying that I LOVE all the stop motion animation Christmas shows from the early 70’s.  Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town and The Year without a Santa Claus, my favs. Yes, they are part creepy, part scary but watching them this past December did spark a surprising amount of joy.

Digressing……That sums up quite a bit of 2021. My word for last year was Linger. But with lingering came drifting, straying, turning away and wandering. It sounds negative, but it’s not.

  • Drifting….in and out of daydreams and finding deeper creativity.
  • Straying….from any set ideas of how I should run my studio.
  • Turning Away…..from toxic people.
  • Wandering….into the abyss of People magazine, the NYtimes Spelling Bee game and binging Netflix.

Taking care of your health is complicated because it’s so much more than exercise and diet. Your emotional health must be part of the package and the lingering (and my therapist) gave me what I needed for my mental health, my well-being. 

Now that I have some cohesive thoughts on paper, I believe the subject line for my first newsletter should be Wisdom for 2022.

Each person deserves a day away in which no problems are confronted, no solutions searched for.  Each of us needs to withdraw from the cares which will not withdraw from us.

-Maya Angelou

So here’s to moving our bodies, enjoying beautiful food, deep connections with others, quiet time for ourselves, laughing, loving, and guilt-free indulgences in 2022.