written by Carol Crincoli, Pure Pilates Director

Do you have a favorite “summertime” song?  Can’t think of any? As a singer and lover of most music, I’ll start the list for you.   I’ll go way back with Frank Sinatra and Summer Wind, which I would put into a category of the perfect song that could bring your BBQ or picnic to a close.  Next, if I am planning a late August brunch, I am thinking of a Sly and the Family Stone vibe, Hot Fun in the Summertime. 

Summer Nights from Grease. Ah, 1978, I am 10 years old and my sister and I just wanted to be Olivia Newton John – goo goo eyed for John Travolta.  Bananarama with Cruel Summer brings me back to my high school days, but if I had to pick the song, my song for 2022, it is Summertime by DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince (aka Will Smith).

Is it the warm and fuzzy feeling I get when I hear this song because I am transported back to 1991? I was a year out of college, ready to conquer the world. I had already met Rico who would become my partner for life (he didn’t know it yet) and I was thinking I could be the next Patti Lapone. 

Today, I am obviously not the next Patti Lapone, but a pretty fine director of a little Pilates studio. What I do know is that the groove and the lyrics will set the exact mood for the upcoming summer season I want to have:

“Here it is the groove slightly transformed, Just a bit of a break from the norm…..

Summer, summer, summertime

Time to sit back and unwind.”

Our doors re-opened November 2021, but I think some time to sit back and unwind is needed. To nourish our bodies and souls. To re-charge the battery that has been on overdrive since the world slowly reopened. 

Pure Pilates will be open for services throughout July and August, but my musings you read in Inspire will go quiet. The virtual library membership is here for you, with over 100 workouts, but the ladies of Pure Pilates will not be recording any new content until the fall. Having a break from the norm is what I wish for you all this summer.

Until September…..Enjoy my Summertime Playlist on Spotify!