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The Client Chronicles: Ann Marie Browne

written by Katie Huddleston, Pure Pilates Instructor

What is your name?

Ann Marie Browne

How long have you been practicing Pilates?

Less than 1 year

What inspired you to step into the Pure Pilates studio?

I had been doing strength training for a few years when I was introduced to Carol. I knew very little about Pilates but Carol’s enthusiasm was contagious and I love new experiences.

What aspects of Pilates, your instructor, or the studio do you find particularly enjoyable?

Katie is constantly telling me which muscles to engage (and which to relax) and I enjoy that intense connection to my body.

Do you have a preferred Pilates exercise, or one that you find particularly challenging?

I am soooo close, but I just cannot complete a sit-up! GOALS!

Do you have a perfect Pilates moment or triumph you’ve experienced?

As a “mature” adult woman I was experiencing much less range of motion in my shoulders and neck. Just recently I lifted my arms and was amazed at the full range of motion, a definite triumph! It seemed to happen overnight.

Can you share a humorous, captivating, or uplifting anecdote about your experience at Pure Pilates?

Katie is my instructor and she will tell you that at the end of every session I am completely surprised it is over. It’s a lovely feeling!

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