Last month, I pondered what it meant to “Keep Going” in regards to my studio.  It led me down a path of asking myself “where am I going”? I never really answered the question because I didn’t know where my business was going “physically”.  I only knew what core values I would pack up and take on my next journey. 

Covid and these uncertain times have shown me, and maybe a lot of us, that in order to keep going and figure out where we want to go, it might not be a bad idea to relinquish ideas and beliefs that seemed successful or worked for us in the past. So, I choose to “Breathe Deeply in my Unlearning” and share the next part of the journey. 

Like many small business owners, I believed that bigger was better and consistently worked to bring my studio to a place where there would be a possibility of a second location, expansion or more.  Yet, as I look back over the past 13 years, I see quite clearly that our intimate environment, coupled with high quality teaching was pointing me in a direction that could offer my clients as well as my own personal needs, without expanding.

I’ve realized that bigger is a dream that isn’t mine.  I crave simplicity and calm in my life – including my work environment.  I have been focused on the quality of teacher I want to be and the connections I want to have with my clients.  I’ve learned that deeper meaning comes to my teaching when life is simple and calm. The past 4 months of quarantine have given me every opportunity to put this lesson to the test and the answer is  

“Leap and the net will appear.” – John Burroughs

On September 30th, the ladies of Pure Pilates and I will say goodbye to our beautiful space on Gales Drive. A place we called home for what will have been 13 years! I am happy to write that the journey does continue in a new physical space and in the virtual world. It’s an exciting time and I won’t lie, a bit scary. I’d like to think that I am an optimistic realist. I know many of you will have questions and very soon I will have answers. I hope you will take the leap with me!